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 Let me Ask you something:
Are you where you want to be in your health? 
In your life?
On your Path?

I can help!

Our lives are rich with potential.

We know in no uncertain terms that a year from now we will live a better life than the one we live today.  We say things like:  “I will lose that ten pounds next month”;  “I won’t always be a smoker”; “When I feel better, I am going to clean out that closet.”  We project into the future all the things we dream for ourselves today.

But why aren’t you living the life you want RIGHT NOW?

What holds you back?  There are so many things that can keep us from achieving our aspirations.  Pain, fluctuations in mood and emotion, dips in self-esteem and self-image, worry, anxiety, spiritual emptiness, lack of focus, insomnia, allergies, you name it.  If you wake up every day with a headache it is very difficult to think about how to change your life.  It is impossible to get the 20 minutes of cardio you need if your knee hurts so bad you can barely walk.  And forget confidently going out on a date if all you feel is old and tired all the time.
But there is a first step.

If you are still reading this there must be something here that strikes a chord.  If you are still reading this you MUST want to change your life – at least a little. 
And if so, I want to help.
What we do at Higher Wellness is change lives.

If we can make that knee pain go away, your life will change.  You will be able to exercise, you will lose some weight, you will feel better mentally and emotionally, and your life will change.  If we can lighten your depression a little, if we can get those wrinkles to soften and fade, if we can focus your attention, if we can lessen your anxiety and worry, if we can do any of these things your life will change. 
What would it mean for you if suddenly your back pain was gone, or if your digestion went back to being normal, or if your period wasn’t painful, or if you slept through the night.  What would that do to your life? 

Transformations happen every day at Higher Wellness.

  Every day someone finds the self they thought they had left behind, or the self they thought they could never become.  Every day someone sees themselves in a new light.  Every day someone decides that, maybe, it isn’t impossible to do the things they had hoped to do.  Wouldn’t it be great if today was YOUR day? 

It can be.

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